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CallingPost is the Perfect Solution for Your Group

CallingPost has improved! We've been busy creating the perfect solution for your groups. Check out our features to see what has been added!

If you're looking for the old site, you can still access it here.

19 Years of Service
25,000+ Groups
Millions of Members

Group Communication

Group Communication

Schedule automated phone calls, group text messages, and mass emails all from one convenient place.

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Group Website

Group Website

GroupSites provides your organization with one central, online connection point, allowing members to view news, signup for events, and more.

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Geo-Mapping MappingPost


Our geo-mapping tool, MappingPost, allows you to easily see where your members and visitors live and their driving time from your meeting point.

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CallingPost is one of the best values I know of. It has more than paid for itself, especially if you include the time it has saved me. I couldn't live without it now!

Prayer Warrior
Pasadena, CA